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Just-in-time delivery to ensure a lean production process

Contacted as a matter of urgency, Cetup's teams are requested to deliver an essential raw material. They immediately make the delivery to the Toulon aeronautic production site.
The production process is not disrupted: the incident passed completely unnoticed.
We are well aware that maintaining a seamless lean production production process is a priority for production managers.

Contributing to the success of a major event, with a last-minute delivery

During Paris Fashion Week, the big names in fashion design often require final adjustments. A couture fabric firm, a partner of the major Designer Houses, contacts us as a matter of urgency.
Our Cetup teams do what it takes to deliver the expected items very quickly.
The fashion designers finalise their collection on time. The Haute-Couture fashion show is a resounding success!

Cetup, guaranteeing a specially dedicated transport service

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